Two Flappers and Their Dates. Chicago, 1928 ?? ??

Two Flappers and Their Dates. Chicago, 1928 ?? ??

Sadly, he and his father were estranged following Gregory’s first marriage, although he’s said to have enjoyed his father’s portrayal of him in 1970’s Islands in the Stream.

Flight Sergeant James Hyde with mascot dog “Dingo.” Hyde was killed when his Spitfire was shot down by German fighters near Nijmegen, Holland, on 25 September 1944 ??

To be a pilot during wartime is to look death in the face and dare it to give you a try. It’s not a task for the faint a heart blk, and it’s one of those positions that almost insures loss of life or at the very least an injury.

Sergeant James Hyde gave his life fighting for freedom during World War II, and even if you ignore the fact that he had to leave his little doggo buddy in the care of someone else it’s sad to think that his family was never able to see him again. The knowledge that Hyde is forever a war hero must have brought some solace, but it’s still heartbreaking to think about all the men we lost during such an awful war.

There’s no type of person who symbolized an entire generation as much as the flapper. These young women loved to dance, and embraced a culture of freedom that many older people felt was outrageous at the time. (more…)

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