Series A Wise Practice News: Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships

Series A Wise Practice News: Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships

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Courtney Pentland: The concept that individuals’re creating today must carry out more with the digital life than our very own college lifetime. So we’re speaing frankly about a few things which go on perhaps outside of school within personal lifestyle, within affairs with other folk.

Pentland (Interview): i’m Courtney Pentland. Im the college Librarian at Burke twelfth grade and I assist people in 9th through 12th level.

Pentland: while the subject that individuals tend to be discussing, as I told you earlier in the day, is actually a bit delicate therefore I do require you to make use of your readiness and your authority skill while we check this out. Just make sure that people’re maintaining anything school suitable, fine?

Pentland (Interview): Today’s tutorial is targeted on sexting basically a very important topic for our young adults in which they can be sorts of arriving at earn some of these choices and having exposed to a few of that during that age range.

Pentland: You are going to be using certain programs nowadays on the i-Pad. You are going to be using ScreenChomp to respond to some concerns that we’ll do people conversations with. You are going to write-down on the i-Pad a proven way that electronic interaction will benefit relations. What do you would like about texting?

Pentland (Interview): I’ve found that it operates effectively allowing children to create their own answers down and display all of them sometimes on a white panel or, in this instance, we used an i-Pad in which capable compose her solutions down and hold them upwards. (more…)

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