No computers can yet equivalent the human brain

No computers can yet equivalent the human brain

You do not have advice; use only their minds. With regards to believe, Kevin’s new thoughts associated with outfit. [-ed, -ing]

brandish (BRAEN bowl) vt. to revolution on the otherwise shake, into the a threatening otherwise tricky means; prosper • After you brandish one to saber, anyone ducks for protection. • Helen brandished the fresh fireplace casino poker since if she desired to strike individuals involved. [-ed, -ing]

burden (BOER din) n. step 1. lots; things sent; 2. anything one should tolerate; huge load; work; sadness or duty -vt. so you’re able to weighing down; to oppress • New drywall is actually much weight with the roof of your car. • When Jill sat on jury, she had the load from choosing the latest guilt otherwise purity out-of brand new defendant. • Certain cars is classified by weight they are able to carry. • I detest to help you weight you on employment of deciding what to wear. [-ed, -ing]

burrow (BOER o) n. step one. a gap dug from the a pet or a canal in the ground; 2. any hole or passage offering since the a security, haven, an such like. -vi. step one. to help you dig (to your, below, an such like.); dos. lookup because if of the searching -vt. while making burrows on the floor • • • •

Good flea’s brain is not all that state-of-the-art

Groundhogs live-in burrows of their own while making. Specific dogs often find cover when you look at the burrows dug by the anybody else. Burrowing owing to dated files lead to choosing the genuine murderer. Design teams burrowed under the English Channel to build the Chunnel, connecting the brand new U.K. and France. [-ed, -ing]

buttress* (BUH tris) letter. a brace, usually from brick or brick, created up against a wall to help with otherwise reinforce they; an excellent prop -vt. where to hookup in Ann Arbor step one. to support otherwise bolster that have such as for instance a routine; dos. so you can prop up; bolster • Of a lot Blond structures sport buttresses to reinforce her or him. (more…)

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