I enjoy tune in to individuals abdomen gurgle and what not

I enjoy tune in to individuals abdomen gurgle and what not

I go on youtube a listen to individuals abdomens digest. So is this odd? Can somone with the exact same fetish speak with me personally? I love to consult with group about abdomens and bellys. I am a teenage guy and I also just love the noise the belly can make.

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I am a guy who may have a belly fetish. I always select listening to women belly comforting. I have found the appears as an asmr that will be calming. I don’t think it is unusual after all which is originating from someone who has equivalent fetish. Everyone best reside when, getting pleased and do not think about what folks consider you!

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I constantly got this unusual fantasy of experiencing a doll or object like a bat or pole forced into my belly that will be linked to reins and I need certainly to draw my adam4adam,com personal grasp around and best way to accomplish this might possibly be through pressure regarding the item within my tummy and each and every oftentimes he’d yank h****** the reins taking the complete period of the item into me causing intense belly aches omg I’d grunt thus noisy and obtain very moist through the serious pain and embarrassment then he would most seriously rub my personal hurting stomach but from time to time pressing because tough while he can because a belly slave should never feel too comfortable or disregard their location

I adore when my personal stomach is actually punched, pressed seriously, pumped like cpr, seated or endured on, squeezed and tortured I additionally take pleasure in tummy s** where he either have s** using my abdomen or has s** with me while injuring my belly i am a female who would like a person to help make me personally their stomach slave and rehearse my personal belly for their joys


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