Imogen and Fiona stop Marisol from their method and commence planning so you can globes most readily useful festival from frost!

Imogen and Fiona stop Marisol from their method and commence planning so you can globes most readily useful festival from frost!

In the In the Cool, Cooler Night (1), the fresh rumor off Katie being absent, and you can Marisol taking on beginner the recommendations has actually bequeath. This pleasing recommendations triggers Fiona and Imogen’s plans of going right back on Katie and you may Marisol towards the prank it taken regarding at the start of the season. Immediately after strolling in complete confidence towards the a counsel conference and obtaining thrown out because of the Marisol, Fiona takes things toward her very own give and you will arranges Mr. Simpson so you’re able to commit to a beneficial frostival!

Within the Regarding the Cold, Cold Nights (2), in the beginning everything you looks fine. The fresh carnival package is ready, Fiona has been doing a remarkable business from inside the tossing everything you, and you may Marisol try existence out of the way – Imogen is happy. She goes over in order to Fiona’s to make the frostival decorations, and you will comes in person which have a primary tempered and you may upset Fiona, advising the woman the latest frostival is actually a no-go. However, Imogen will not only stand around and stay shouted during the, zero. Fiona gets this lady

display away from dissatisfaction away from Imogen telling their this woman is a beneficial quitter running aside. The battle causes Imogen to avoid Fiona’s apologetic calls. Imogen suits with Fiona within festival, happier and you may happy one Fiona succeeded when you look at the pulling it off. By night slip Fiona and you can Imogen are experiencing a great time along with her. Into Ferris controls, Fiona decides to share with Imogen exactly how she feels regarding her, amateurmatch and you will kisses the woman. Though Imogen looks upbeat, Fiona is worried and begins blabbering regarding the smash and moving Nyc. Imogen reassures Fiona, and you will kisses the girl back again to prove new feelings is mutual. The new downside even though are Fiona moving to Nyc to-be together loved ones – believe it or not, Fiona states she’ll feel coming back in order to Degrassi to the next semester – this way they are along with her.

Year a dozen

From inside the Been Because you are (2), Mo is actually carrying auditions to own their the new ring. Apparently Imogen has a liking getting sounds by herself. Once the earlier thoughts she’s got made at the Degrassi, she will come ready yourself to demonstrate a different, and also as Mo phone calls it “Unusual but higher” overall performance, vocal including “singing” h2o glasses.

Within the Got Your money (1), she’s first seen waiting for Fiona in the coach prevent and you can excitedly allowed the girl that have an indication. At school the 2 stroll so you’re able to Fiona’s locker in which it’s now athlete main. The guy says to them to hug and Imogen becomes awkward. Fiona refuses as well as the several leave and you may Fiona starts talking about the dates. Imogen starts pretending cooler, claiming the woman is busy plus in a band and you can will leave. Later on, she’s seen exercising the remainder of WhisperHug asking from the after they will play the next arena reveal. When Mo introduces this new behavior times and you can Zig claims he cannot make it, she requires regarding their and you can Tori’s anniversary. Whenever she sees the wristband that he got her, she looks away awkwardly. She actually is afterwards noticed in the brand new habit room that have Maya and you can Mo when Zig guides into the. She requires in the event the Tori broke up with him across the inexpensive bracelet and you can Mo pulls the lady away.

Dallas flirts with Fiona and she says to him that Imogen was their partner

Within the Had Your finances (2), she strolls doing Fiona observe Dallas flirting along with her once more and you will will get envious. She starts to walk away when Fiona finishes their and you may Imogen states that all she’s going to create is place a meeting for her every time she messes right up. Fiona says that they may chat once they need and you may Imogen states that they can’t once the she e right back. Fiona gets distressed and you can actually leaves their alone to trust. Before WhisperHug functions, she actually is viewed permitting Adam prepare when Fiona approaches. Fiona informs Imogen to talk and that she’s going to indeed tune in at last. Imogen states you to she does wish to be Fiona’s partner but desires to carry it slow since it is all new in order to her. Fiona agrees plus the two make up that have a kiss, and therefore Dallas observes, came across. Both female go backstage and you can Imogen tells the lady bandmates one the woman is there and you may ready together with her wife and you can kisses Fiona with the cheek. Mo acknowledges her or him and so they go onstage and perform.