On a date, a Cancerian may invite their love interest over to their place and even prepare a home-cooked meal

On a date, a Cancerian may invite their love interest over to their place and even prepare a home-cooked meal

And lastly, if they’re feeling drained, it’s important these sea creatures don’t shame themselves out of a midday snooze, and remember to nurture themselves as they would nurture others.

Love and Sex

When it comes to romance, Cancerians don’t often have trouble finding love or opening up in vulnerable ways, and can be found showering their partners with sweetness. They will most often follow their hearts and, once in a relationship, can be very committed and even desire to build a family in some form (this can also mean animal friends!).

If a Cancerian is distracted and not too present with their partner, it’s possible there’s something weighing on their heart, so be sure to let them know that it is safe and okay to divulge how they’re feeling if something isn’t being said. It can be about their work, family, the world, or anything else that they haven’t already been discussing with their partner.

If this does happen, rest assured that their date will not be disappointed and these hosts may even find themselves becoming the designated chef in the relationship (before it gets too out of hand, make sure to communicate that it’s something they actually enjoy and want to do, and not just something that happened).

Spend time showering these Moon beings with love and let them know that their feelings are valid, even if there’s a misunderstanding that needs to be worked through. When deeply in love and fresh out of an argument, a Cancerian will work without much rest to come upon a greater understanding of their partner’s needs while still valuing their own. It’s important their efforts are appreciated and that compromise and peace are successfully attained, so the relationship can continue to healthily progress.


Cancerians are always circle-inclusive when the vibes feel right. Being good friends with a Moon child can mean being friends for life, as they’ll become a part of a Cancerian’s ever-growing community. This is the zodiac sign that will be there for their close friends whenever needed – if going through a troubling period, they won’t shy away from a friend’s emotions, but instead be greatly supportive. Like the nurturing parent, these gentle and protective-shelled friends will make sure their companions are well-nourished when they’re together. A meal, a glass of water, a listening ear or a reminder of how wonderful their friends are. A BFF for all!

If the vibes are ever off, Cancerians will be highly aware of this and may build a protective wall, or decide not to even tear it down in the first place. They’ll often only open up with those they find sugar buffalo intuitively know they’ll become good friends with, feeling a known comfort in one another’s presence.

These good-natured water beings will also lift their friends up if they’re ever down. With a love for good moods and emotional connections, Cancerians can thrive with a night on the town, out partying on a day off, at a beach barbecue or a friendly gathering elsewhere. They’re most often up for a good time with their friends, so bring out the laughs and the good vibes.

At Work

At work, we have an individual that everyone gathers towards, feels reassured by, comforted, cozy and at home with. The empathic and receptive individual with whom you’d like to share your day with, how you’re feeling, or even just be in their presence surrounded by their warmth.

Now, with all the different Cancerians out there, we have many different types of careers. We can have a pioneering leader, a musician, a grounded analyst, an emoting actor, a brilliant inventor and so on. What we know about Cancerians on the job is that their heart is in control. This can involve leading with the heart, managing their employees intuitively or even speaking from the depths within, whether this is through social media, in class as a teacher, or on stage with a mic in hand. There’s really little these Cancerians can’t do, especially when they’re feeling nourished or fulfilled in their goals.