If you’re not an adult male, but you’re looking for support regarding an experience with sexual abuse or assault, visit

If you’re not an adult male, but you’re looking for support regarding an experience with sexual abuse or assault, visit

we recommend calling 911 or going to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

This free and anonymous helpline is available 24/7, for men who’ve experienced sexual abuse or assault and for those who care about them.

Please note that there can sometimes be a long wait to speak with a specialist (who may be any gender), especially if you are attempting to sign onto the service late at night or early in the morning, when we receive a high volume of chat requests. Do not close the waiting room window or you will lose your place in line. More details »

What services does the helpline provide?

  • Crisis intervention and support.
  • Answers to your questions about recovering from childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault.
  • Information about medical, emotional and behavioral issues related to abusive experiences.
  • Information about the criminal justice system, and what you might expect if you report the abuse.
  • Referrals to resources in your area (when available).
  • Information for family and friends of the person who may have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences.

How does it work?

It works just like instant messaging. You’ll go into a private chat session with a trained support specialist and communicate, live, by typing messages back and forth. The service is completely anonymous, and you do not have to give your name or any personal information.

Who provides the help?

Helpline services are provided through a collaboration between 1in6 and RAINN. All trained RAINN support specialists have successfully completed comprehensive sexual assault crisis response training as well as additional training developed by 1in6 about issues related to men how anonymous is tinder. Local center and supervisors monitor sessions for quality control.

Does the helpline provide ongoing help?

The helpline provides crisis support and information about healing and reporting options. If you need ongoing help, our trained support specialists will work to help you identify and connect with local resources, which may provide individual and group support sessions and other services. You can always reach a local center directly by calling the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1..HOPE.

1in6 has partnered with RAINN to advance 1in6’s mission: to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences live healthier and happier lives, and to help their loved ones by providing additional support, information, and resources. As a part of this partnership, RAINN provides for 1in6 a helpline.


Terms of Service

1in6 and RAINN have designed this helpline with your privacy and safety as the top priority. Before logging in to the helpline, please read each of the following policies carefully, understanding that some may apply to you more than others.

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