“Before I got Oscar, I’d usually upload selfies to dating sites, but whenever i acquired him, we put pictures with your to my visibility,” the guy stated.

“Before I got Oscar, I’d usually upload selfies to dating sites, but whenever i acquired him, we put pictures with your to my visibility,” the guy stated.

“There’s one particular image of me with Oscar as he’s an infant and that I’m holding him in an use that women like. Its somewhat old now, but I left it back at my profile since it is therefore sexy,” he proceeded.

“Having photographs of me with Oscar makes it much simpler for females to strike right up a discussion, because instantly there is something to share.”

“It’s fantastic because female approach me personally now. They constantly begin talking about Oscar and express things like, ‘your pet is really so sexy.’ Some actually say he’s the best-looking puppy they have previously viewed.”

Dom Dickinson and Oscar (Collect/ PA Actuality)

“I don’t get half as much compliments as Oscar,” he stated.

Such as Oscar on his profile images will also help Dickinson to straighten out the women he’s not into matchmaking.

“It’s the best way to check if a female is into pets or perhaps not as, if they are perhaps not, I question they would accommodate with me,” the guy mentioned.

“And, if after one time, we sussed that somebody really wasn’t into pets, it would be a little bit of a package breaker personally.”

Dickinson also claims people bring asked if he can bring their four-legged friend along on times.

“At first I concurred, however i discovered they certainly were much more concerned with Oscar and exactly how he had been acquiring on than about getting to know myself,” the guy mentioned.

“Nowadays i will not get Oscar regarding the time unless we are choosing a dog go,” the guy mentioned.

“As quickly as I started getting Oscar out for walks, I found myself the center of focus.”

“we believed as if I’d become reborn as David Beckham. Mothers, grandmas – anyone young or older – planned to consult with me for the reason that Oscar.”

Dom Dickinson and Oscar (Collect/ PA Actual Life)

“Men are definitely more approachable with a dog,” the guy persisted.


“Let’s think about it, if I gone taking walks up to a stranger in a playground without your pet dog on a contribute I quickly’d appear odd – but with your dog because attractive as Oscar, everybody desires to has a chat.”

And, despite his newfound online dating expertise, he is very happy to stays as “one guy and his awesome dog.”

Dom Dickinson (Collect/ PA Actuality)

“i’d love a sweetheart 1 day, but, because i am very sorted – i have have my own dull, i am a company manager and that I have actually mental help from Oscar – I don’t feel just like I’m in an actual run to acquire one instantly,” the guy stated.

“Right today, I’m satisfied with Oscar. I already have unconditional adore from my personal animal in which he’ll be indeed there waiting for me personally by door.”

“So, unless a woman could really increase living, I really don’t must host their simply for the purpose from it.”

Dom Dickinson and Oscar (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“But I’d fascination with Oscar having a playmate, somewhat uncle or sis puppy – and another day, easily manage ever before find a girl, he will need a step-mum as well,” he concluded.

Laura Campanella, Styling manager and brushing specialist at Groomarts states a study of these subscribers unearthed that 42 per-cent of females are far more satisfied by anybody with your pet dog.

“A tongue in cheek photo together with your puppy is the best icebreaker,” she stated.

Dom Dickinson and Oscar (Collect/ PA Actual Life)

“Seeing a prospective fit pictured due to their pooch can indicate increased amount of engagement and nurturing,” she persisted.

“Keeping their particular dog carefully groomed, preserved and good-looking shows that an owner requires pleasure in their dogs’ looks consequently they are in addition interested in her health and wellbeing, as normal check outs to the groomers will help with as a whole actual wellness. “

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