Wrestling Couples Who Had Been Together In Actual Life pt.2

Wrestling Couples Who Had Been Together In Actual Life pt.2

Michelle McCool & Undertaker

Because of the type of his menacing onscreen persona as a mythical man that is dead somehow been raised returning to life, the Undertaker never actually been tangled up in an intimate storyline in WWE. But behind the scenes, the famous wrestler has been hitched to fellow grappler Michelle McCool since 2010.

McCool ended up being certainly one of WWE’s top feamales in the belated 2000s and Undertaker happens to be a mainstay because of the business because the very early 1990s, making them a genuine energy couple in the industry.

They have even a child together, which further undercuts the thought of Undertaker being the scariest guy in the world.

Debra & Steve Austin

Within the late 1990s, there clearly was no wrestler in the field since popular as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and then he stays perhaps the wrestler that is best in WWE history. At the height of their popularity, Austin had been hitched to fellow WWE wrestler, Debra, from 1998 to is be2 free 2003.

Both were champions into the ongoing company during the time of their marriage. The marriage finished immediately after Austin physically abused Debra multiple times, which she later caused by steroid-related mood swings.

Tyson Kidd & Natalya

Natalya Neidhart and Tyson Kidd are a couple of Canadian WWE celebrities who’ve been a few away from band for the number of years. They began dating in about 2003 and finally got married in 2013 in a ceremony which was televised in a bout of “Total Divas.”

Natalya has remained a continuing presence in WWE for many years while Kidd retired from wrestling after a devastating damage in 2015 but nevertheless works for the organization behind the scenes.

Maryse & The Miz

One of WWE’s most popular partners, in both the ring and away from it, is it made-for-TV pairing. (more…)

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